Athlete Intelligence Announces The 2024 National Athletic Trainer Appreciation Award Recipient

Celebrating Excellence: Dr. Adam Carter Named 2024 National Athletic Trainer Appreciation Month Contest Recipient

Every year, Athlete Intelligence invites the sports community to come together and celebrate the unsung heroes who keep our athletes safe and performing at their best. We ask Athletic Directors and Coaches to acknowledge and nominate their program’s Athletic Trainer as part of National Athletic Trainer Appreciation Month.  This year, we are thrilled to announce Dr. Adam Carter as the 2024 National Athletic Trainer Appreciation Month contest recipient. Dr. Carter’s dedication to his athletes at Stilwell High School in Oklahoma is nothing short of inspiring. Join us as we get to learn more about his journey, philosophy, and the impact he’s making both on and off the field.

Meet Dr. Adam Carter: The Heart of Stilwell High School’s Athletic Training

Name: Dr. Adam Carter
Location: Stilwell, Oklahoma
School Name: Stilwell High School
Education: Doctor of Physical Therapy
Years in Profession: 6

From Passion to Profession: Why Dr. Carter Became an Athletic Trainer

When asked why he wanted to become an Athletic Trainer, Dr. Carter’s answer was rooted in a deep desire to understand and mitigate injuries. “I wanted to learn more about injuries and how to help injured athletes,” he says. This curiosity and compassion have driven him to excel in his profession, ensuring that every athlete receives the care and support they need.

Philosophy of Care: Keeping Athletes Safe and Happy

Dr. Carter’s philosophy as an Athletic Trainer is centered on trust and enjoyment. “I believe in making our athletes’ experience as fun as possible. I want them to trust that I have their best interest at heart and that I will do my very best to keep them safe first and on the field second.” This approach has earned him the respect and admiration of both his athletes and their families.

A Community’s Appreciation: What Dr. Carter Loves Most About His Job

For Dr. Carter, the most rewarding part of being the Athletic Trainer at Stilwell High School is the support from the community. “I love being around athletes, and I love that the community supports and appreciates my efforts to keep their kids safe and performing at the highest levels,” he shares. This mutual appreciation fuels his passion and commitment to his work.

A Humbling Recognition: Dr. Carter’s Reaction to His Nomination

Being nominated for the Athletic Trainer Appreciation Award by his Athletic Director was a moment of immense humility for Dr. Carter. “I did not expect to win mainly because I do not usually win things. I am very appreciative of the recognition, and it just makes me want to work harder to maintain this level of performance.”

Affirmation of Excellence: The Meaning Behind the Award

Winning the 2024 Athletic Trainer Appreciation Award has solidified Dr. Carter’s belief in his work. “It shows me that I am doing the right things. Sometimes I question if what I’m doing is helpful or beneficial, and this award solidifies that I am.”

Embracing Technology: Excitement for Athlete Intelligence’s Impact Monitoring

Dr. Carter is particularly excited about the benefits of using the Athlete Intelligence Head Impact Monitoring system. “I want to see the quality and quantity of impacts our athletes have in games but even more so in practice with particular drills. Knowledge is power, and the more I can assess how much impact is involved in each drill, the more we can adjust and modify drills and techniques.”

Looking Ahead: Dr. Carter’s Vision for the Future

In reflecting on his journey and the recognition he has received, Dr. Carter emphasizes the importance of athletic training. “It is a very important job and one that is hard to come by in our area. I hope to be providing this service for our community for many years to come.”

Dr. Adam Carter’s story is a testament to the dedication and passion that Athletic Trainers bring to their roles. As we celebrate his achievements, we are reminded of the vital impact these professionals have on the lives of young athletes.

As the 2024 National Athletic Trainer Award Recipient, Dr. Carter will be receiving an Athlete Intelligence head impact monitoring system for the fall football program.

We would also like to take the time to recognize all Athletic Trainers who were nominated in this year’s contest:

James Horan-Bernards High School
Cassie Dorsey-New Berlin High School
JoJo Villareal-Lyndon B Johnson High School
Brian Moore-McKeesport Area High School
James Horan-Bernards High School
Ellie Stannard-Mount Si High School
Soren Turner-Spanaway Lake High School
Terry Gault-Boerne ISD
Diane King-South Forsyth High School
Tysha Carroll-Skyridge High School
Kelleigh O’Neill-University of Southern Maine
Angel Ortiz-Madison Comprehensive
Lindsey Wilhelm-West Limestone High School Football
Donny Brown-Darlington School
Sarah Sandoval-Los Fresnos CISD Athletics
Zack Maust-Virginia Tech Football
Jessica Nagae-Castle Rock High School
Jumpei Harada-Columbia University Football
Paige Peterson-Hampton University Men’s Lacrosse
Chase Escue-Batesville High School
Dawn Corbin-Utica University
Ben Stralka-Trinity College
Jayme Ortiz-Navarro High School
Robert Harrison-Allen High School
Josh Horner & Garrett Luna-Princeton High School
Zachary Hoffman, Megan Etter, Sabrina McCraith, Kellie Korzunowski, and Rachel Holloman-Lake Erie College
Melissa Stamper-Ann Arbor Huton
Joslin Poole-William Tennent High School
Dee Rutherford-Richard King HS
Sheila Hershey-Cornwall-Lebanon School District
Meghan Crowe-Haldane Central School
Meghan McMahon-Bergen Tech
Jennifer Dale-Bergen Tech
Wendy Mach-Bishop Neumann
Kevin Atkinson-Victor Central
John Karl-Southeast High School
Storm Collins-UNSW Raiders American Football Club
Josh Holliday and Joel Buffum-Eisenhower High School
Justice Chacon-Harlandale ISD
John F Karl-Southeast High School
Sasha Shapiro-All Saints Episcopal School, Fort Worth
Allison Shoemaker-Black River Pirates
Craig Moorhouse-Daniel Boone
Ryan Wilhelm-Lindale High School
Kyle Ottenbacher-North Mason High School
Nicole Buado-Lutheran East High School
Dan Schultz-Vermilion High School
Dr. Adam Carter-Stilwell High School
Garrett Boyce-South Park High School
Zach McGinty-Owasso High School
Sandy Metzger-Edmonds School District
Emma Corkill-Kewanee High School
Brandi Turcotte-Fort Vancouver SD
Stacy White-Middletown South HS
Tim Pudloski-Sandusky Central Catholic
Micah Johns-Convoy Crestview HS/MS
Fernando Santana-Thomas Jefferson High School
Sely Patrizio-Oklahoma State University
Shane Metz-Pisgah High School
McKenna Boothe-Corner Canyon High School
Katie Koehn-Wilmington High School
Duane Korthuis-Lynden Football (and all sports)
Cynthia Troncoso-Humble Atascocita
Greg Dorow-Lincoln High School
Paul Eversole-Miami University (OH)
Sydney Rubingh-Whitmore Lake High School
Adriana Martell-Frankfort High School
Kaelyn Cooley-Auburn High School
Greg Watson-Immaculata High School
Sarah Wait-Bishop Blanchet High School
Dulce Guevara Fat-Hutto ISD

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