Winning With Data Episode 7 – Grove City Midget Football

How The Grove City Midget Football Club Uses Sensors in Football Helmets to Improve Safety Player and Performance

The Grove City Midget Football Club is excited to announce its third consecutive year of utilizing the Athlete Intelligence head impact monitoring system. This innovative technology has been instrumental in enhancing player safety and performance by providing data on head impacts during practices and games. By leveraging this advanced monitoring system, the club continues to demonstrate its commitment to prioritizing the health and well-being of its young athletes.

Since the implementation of the Athlete Intelligence system, the Grove City Midget Football Club has seen significant improvements in injury prevention and management. Coaches are now equipped with valuable insights that allow them to make informed decisions about player safety, adjust training techniques, and mitigate the risks associated with head impacts. This proactive approach ensures that our athletes can enjoy the game while minimizing the long-term effects of concussions and other head-related injuries.

To provide more insights into this impactful partnership, we are pleased to share a video interview with Ric Blanchard, the President of the Grove City Midget Football Club. In this interview, President Blanchard discusses the benefits of the Athlete Intelligence system, how it has transformed our safety protocols, and the positive feedback from players and parents alike.

Tune in to hear firsthand how this technology is shaping the future of youth football for the Grove City community

About Athlete Intelligence

Athlete Intelligence is a head impact monitoring and sensor technology subscription service for sports teams.  We combine wearable technology with simplified data analytics to provide summarized reports that highlight player performance and safety improvement opportunities.  Athlete Intelligence offers head impact monitoring and sensor technology services to youth, high school, and college-level programs. For more information on Athlete Intelligence, please visit:  www.AthleteIntelligence.com

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