7 Reasons Why You Should Be A Youth Sports Coach

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Youth Sports Safety Week
 is a great time to make sure our youngest athletes are in shape and protected. To ensure the safety of youth sports participants, having a dedicated and knowledgeable coach is key. Do you think you have what it takes to become a coach for a youth sports team? Here are seven reasons why it might just be the right choice for you!

7. You Love Sports

This one seems the most obvious, but it’s deeper than that. To want to become a youth sports coach, you have to not only love the sport in question but want to share that enthusiasm with the next generations. Games like football and lacrosse will only survive if they can be passed on to those who come along after you.

6. You Like Working With Kids

Children are of course wonderful, but let’s face it—not every person has the interest or expertise in working with them as their actual career or hobby. But if you are an awesome parent or brother or sister or uncle or aunt or volunteer and have proven that helping kids is your jam, then being a youth sports coach would be a natural!

5. You Have A Lot Of Patience

We all have to start somewhere, right? We were all beginners at one point — and new athletes often require a lot of patience from their coach to help them play the game properly. There might be missed goals, fumbled plays, and maneuvers that need correction. If you are a patient person who doesn’t mind helping and helping until a thing is done right (and being OK even if it’s not “perfect”), youth sports coach might be your calling.

4. You Are Always Willing To Learn New Things.

Whether it’s keeping up with the latest injury assessment and protection technology for our youngest athletes, trying out new sports equipment, or researching new online methods to boost fundraising, the ideal youth sports coach is always willing to learn new things to improve the enjoyment and safety of the team!

3. You Want To Be A Positive Role Model

Youth sports coaching isn’t just about the sport, but about being another good adult role model for children. By showing patience, stressing good sportsmanship, and demonstrating other positive qualities, you provide children with an example of the type of adult athlete they should aspire to be when they grow up.

2. You Are A “People Person”

As a youth sports coach you will not just be working with kids, but with adults. There will be other members of the physical education department, the wider faculty of the school, volunteers for the games, the coaches and staff of the other team—and, of course, the parents of the children you coach. Being personable, a good listener, and a great leader are all necessary qualities to have.

1. Because It’s Fun

As with any other vocation, it’s essential that you find being a youth sports coach something fun to do. Whether it’s the pride you feel helping kids or just the thrill of the game, coaching is something that can provide a lot of enjoyment and rewards!


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