7 Ways To Be A Better Sports Parent

7 Ways To Be A Better Sports Parent


Being involved in your child’s sports endeavors is a great way to spend time together and encourage a love of physical activity that will last a lifetime. But what are the best ways to help your son or daughter in the pursuit of their favorite sport? Here are seven suggestions that will encourage your kids to do their best while also having fun:

7. Don’t Pressure

There is already a degree of pressure on your child out on the field or court—to perform, compete, and perhaps win. Don’t add to that pressure by projecting too many expectations of your own. Instead, let them know that you just want to them to do their best and have a good time.

6. Give Your Child A Choice

Whether it’s a decision to play a particular sport or to join a team at all, allow your child the freedom to choose what seems right for them. After all, they are the ones who are going to be wearing the uniforms and going out on the field!

5. Make Sure They Have The Right Coach

It’s important to be involved in your child’s sports activities, and that means getting to know the coach and ensuring they are the right type for your daughter or son. Be sure to schedule time to meet the coach and introduce yourself.

4. Have A Good Attitude In The Stands

There is no greater pride for a child than to glimpse their cheering parent in the bleachers. But that pride could turn to shame if their parent is trash-talking the other team or arguing with another person about the game. Set the example you want your own child to follow!

3. Safety First

From having the right gear to making sure your child gets enough rest and hydration, you are key in ensuring your son or daughter stays healthy and avoids injuries out on the field and court. Bonus: your kid will observe, and then learn, these health and wellness tips for themselves.

2. Don’t Relive Your Sports Glory Through Your Child

It’s easy to watch your child play a sport—especially if it’s your fave—and identify with him or her, reliving your own “wonder years.” But that’s the last thing you should do, because those feelings could subconsciously provide pressure for your son or daughter. Let them make their own unique experiences.

1. Instill Good Sportsmanship

Share positive sports values with your child that they can carry through the rest of their years. Whether it is about the importance of doing your best regardless if you win, or learning how not to be a sore loser…you can help your child be a great athlete where it counts the most!

Now that you have these tips on how to be a better sports parent, we hope you and your child go out there and have a great game!


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