7 Ways To Greater Sportsmanship

7 Ways To Greater Sportsmanship


Though you always want to up your game, winning isn’t everything; you still want enjoy some healthy competition with your fellow athletes and be a good sport! Here are seven things you can incorporate on the court and on the field to increase your sportsmanship, become a better athlete and be a better person:

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7. Cultivate A Sense Of Humbleness

You might be the most spectacular performer at the gym or your chosen sport, but maintaining a humble and supportive attitude with others will make you a spectacular person at Life. Save your self-congratulations for your own thoughts, and compliment others for a game well done!

6. Learn How To Be A Good Loser

Sure, it takes skill to win a game—but it takes a special skill to be a graceful loser. Keep up a positive attitude, congratulate the victor(s), and don’t forget to congratulate with a handshake. Next time it could be you wearing the gold, so treat them as you would want to be treated.

5. Keep Your Temper In Check

While it is natural for the adrenalin to flow during the heat of the game, and tempers to possibly rise—check yourself before you wreck yourself. Hold your tongue when tempted to trashtalk, and keep a calm head when faced with a referee’s questionable decision. The rep you save might be your own!

4. Be A Good Teammate

We aren’t going to go so far as to say there’s absolutely no “I” in “Team”…but in a group situation, you want to make sure all your teammates are supported and feel included. Don’t push your fellow players to the side to hog the field and the glory. Make sure every member on your team knows that

3. Make A Commitment

Skipping training sessions and showing up late demonstrates to your team that they just aren’t that important to you. Such a lack of commitment demoralizes the entire group—as well as makes you a less skillful player. Put your team first!

2. Follow The Rules

This tip should go without saying…but we all know there are moments where it feels tempting to bend the rules just a little bit to make that critical play. The rules exists to prevent chaos and mitigate injury, so it is vital that you follow the rules, maintain proper technique, and keep your head in the game.

1. Have Fun And Be Happy

The positivity you have during game play will be infectious to your other teammates, ensuring a good time is had by all. The power of positive thinking (to borrow a phrase from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale) can also greatly increase your chances of making it to the winner’s circle!



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