Athlete Intelligence Partners With Cocalico Midget Football To Get A Head Start On Safety


KIRKLAND, Washington. – (November 8, 2017) – Athlete Intelligence, a leading sports wearable technology company, is pleased to announce that it has brought their sports sensors to Cocalico Midget Football Association in Denver, Pennsylvania. As part of three-year program, young athletes from the organization will wear Cue Sport Sensors to monitor and measure how athletes absorb head impacts during practice and games.

Studies have shown that many concussions go undetected and that multiple concussions can lead to serious lifelong physical and cognitive health issues. A significant struggle faced by coaches and trainers today is centered around knowing the severity and location of head impact on the field of play.

“The athletic trainers and coaching staff are the first and best line of defense in mitigating concussion risk,” said Jesse Harper, CEO of Athlete Intelligence. “Our technology captures the invisible data around every player and transmits it to the sideline. The information empowers players, parents and coaches with the knowledge that need to help improve technique and reduce the risk of injuries on the field.”

The ESP Chip technology, a tiny chip inside the sensors, helps show the severity and location of impact to a player’s head. Data from the chip is sent in real-time to a handheld device used by trainers on the sidelines. “Think of it like a smartphone in your helmet” Harper explained. “There are accelerometers, gyroscopes and microprocessors in every sensor device.”

The Cue Sport Sensor uses an algorithm to measure, translate and transfer data to a handheld, mobile device. The Cue generates a 3D model of the player’s head and illustrates his hitting behavior and impact exposure over time in a “heat map” view. The data can show the magnitude, location and direction of the impact, providing real-time awareness of injuries as they occur and reducing guesswork.

The Cue Sport Sensor also can play a role in helping young athletes achieve optimum performance levels. As a coaching tool, the data generated by the Cue Sport Sensor serves as a resource for coaches when evaluating their players, making it easier to identify those players that lead with their head and hit improperly. This information allows coaches to shape forward-looking training programs and individualized athlete conditioning environments.

About Athlete Intelligence:

Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, Athlete Intelligence is a leading information and sports technology company that has developed the world’s first mouth guard to accurately measure the linear and rotational accelerations the brain experiences from head impacts during sports and training activities. Athlete Intelligence’ Vector MouthGuard, Shockbox, and Cue Sport Sensor utilize ESP Chip Technology to provide highly accurate and reliable, real-time data about not only the number of hits but also the exact magnitude, direction, location and time of such impacts. Leveraging five years of R&D and scientific validation, the sensors and the complete Impact Intelligence System helps athletic trainers and sports concussion specialists realize measurable results from objective performance analytics to better provide individualized athlete care. For more information, visit: www.AthleteIntelligence.com.

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