Athlete Intelligence Presents 2022 National Athletic Trainer Appreciation Award

Carla Pasquarelli, Head Athletic Trainer for Amsterdam High School (NY) Wins the 2022 Athletic Trainer Appreciation Award

Carla Pasquarelli will never forget her time at Amsterdam High School as a dual sport student-athlete.  Whether from her shin splints in cross-country or shoulder issues from softball, Carla found herself constantly injured.  However, when she was a student-athlete, it was frustrating to never have constant access to an Atheltic Trainer and when one was present, they only worked with the football program.  This is when Carla took it upon herself to make and carry a medical kit for her softball team.  When she realized Athletic Training was a major she could pursue, it was at that moment she would focus on her goal of becoming a Certified Atheltic Trainer.

14 years into her profession as a Certified Athletic Trainer, Carla has made it full circle where it all started; back at Amsterdam High School.

“The thing I love most about being the Athletic Trainer for Amsterdam High School is the family atmosphere that has been created,” said Carla.  “All the teams root for each other and all the coaches work together and help each other out.  When the opportunity arose for the district to create a full-time Athletic Trainer position, the student-athletes, parents, and coaches rallied behind me. I wouldn’t be here without their support. Community and family are huge themes within our programs- we all help each other out. We are family or as the athletes like to say RAMILY,” Pasquarelli adds.

When Carla found out her Head Football Coach, John Homich, nominated her for the Athlete Intelligence National Athletic Trainer Appreciation award that she later won, she was ecstatic.

“Carla goes above and beyond her daily duties as an Athletic Trainer,” said Coach John Homich when asked why he nominated Carla.  “She has been an integral part of helping student-athletes who have sustained injuries and always has the best interest of the athlete’s health in mind before she makes her recommendations for treatment and return-to-play,” Coach Homich adds.  “Carla is far more than an Athletic Trainer to us; since the pandemic hit, she has helped our student-athletes deal with the mental side of COVID and was instrumental in designing and overseeing our protocols.”

When you hear people talk about how big of a role Carla Pasquarelli plays for the high school, it is clear why she was selected as the award recipient.

“My relationship with our Coaches and student-athletes is great and built on a solid foundation of mutual respect,” said Pasquarelli.  “We all work together to provide the safest environment possible. We take a lot of pride in being from Amsterdam and we instill that into our program.  We are family,” Pasquarelli adds.

Carla instills a philosophy that the health and safety of student-athletes come first.  Her ability to connect with the student-athletes has helped provide an environment of trust.  Student-athletes express Carla’s training room as a safe space.


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