Canadian Universities Select Athlete Intelligence as Head Impact Monitoring Partner


Athlete Intelligence Selected as Head Impact Monitoring Platform for Multi-Team Football Study

In a study designed to better understand changes in the physiological integrity of the brain and changes in brain function caused by forces to the head in contact sports, three Canadian University football teams will be wearing Head Impact Monitoring sensors designed by Athlete Intelligence.  The University of Montreal and The University of McGill student-athlete football players will be using the VECTOR MouthGuard, while student-athletes from Ecole de Tech Football will have the CUE Sport Sensor in their helmets.

Dr. Louis De Beaumont from The University of Montreal had this to say about the study, “The coupling of MRI measurements to the continuous collection of kinematic forces applied to the head will allow us to investigate, in an unprecedented way, the contribution of the athlete’s head impact kinematic at the time of direct or indirect contact to the head during the practice of contact sports and potential alterations of brain structure and function.”

The VECTOR MouthGuard is like any other mouthguard the athletes wear but is embedded with sensor technologies that allow Teams to collect the number, pin-point location, and severity (G-Force) of each head impact from games and practice.  When used in live mode, data is transmitted in real-time and can alert sideline staff when impacts at or above an impact threshold are met.  The CUE Sport Sensor cHead Impact Trendslips to the inside of a football helmet and collects similar data using Bluetooth technologies designed to be downloaded following a game or practice.  The value of this system is delivered through an automated reporting system that highlights trends and opportunities from the impact data collected.  Coaches and Athletic Trainers use the reports to identify athletes with high impact exposure rates, and specific impact location patterns that can be corrected and provide technique and safety improvements.

After reviewing similar technologies, The Athlete Intelligence platform was selected by the research committee because of its easy-to-use system and quick access to data.

“Athlete Intelligence will allow us to gain objective head impact data to track impact exposure throughout a football season,” Dr. Beaumont adds.


About Athlete Intelligence

Athlete Intelligence is a leading sports technology and data analytics company located in Kirkland, Washington.  Through a variety of wearable sensor options to collect head impact data, Athlete Intelligence provides actionable and automated reporting dashboards to become an added resource for team staff.  Teams use the reports to highlight and improve unnecessary head impact exposure and where athlete technique needs to be adjusted.  For more information on Athlete Intelligence, please visit:  www.AthleteIntelligence.com

Learn more about Athlete Intelligence and how your sports team can take an innovative approach to athlete safety and performance by downloading the Athlete Intelligence Information Booklet below.


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