Improve Your Fight With Wearable Tech For Boxing

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Sports technology continues to grow exponentially with product innovations for every sport and every athlete. With the increased attention on matches such as the Mayweather and McGregor fight, boxing, mixed martial arts and other combat sports are becoming more and more popular. And just like in other sports such as football, basketball and soccer where new technology is becoming standard, fighters are also looking to improve their game with the market’s newest wearable technology.

If you’re looking to improve your fighting game, check out these six solutions:

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Hykso offers a pair of thumb drive-sized sensors, one under each hand wrap, that keeps tabs on the number of punches, intensity, and speed all in real-time. Like most wearable sensors it pairs to the athlete’s smart phone. The platform tracks stats from each workout and shows trends over time so you’re aware if you’re using a certain type of punch too often.

The app also gives fighters access to a community of other boxers, where you can challenge your friends or see how you stack up against other Hykso users. You can also follow a pro fighter’s drills and adopt them into your own sessions.


Like Hykso, Corner offers a pair of wireless trackers that fit under your hand wraps. Once paired with your smart device the sensors begin to paint a picture of your training by displaying every punch, combination and block in real time. Feedback is provided with hands-free control so you can get the coaching you need without ever having to take your gloves off. With long-term tracking Corner let’s fighters quickly discover areas of training that require more focus and improvement.


StrikeTec has been around in the professional circuit and is now available for amateur boxers and trainers as well. The sensors are either worn on the wristband or in the athlete’s wrist straps. It offers insights into hand speed and force, as well as keeping an eye on you punch rotation to let you know if your technique is flowing correctly. There’s enough feedback for personal training and sparring statistics for professionals, but easy enough for any fighter to use.


Moov Now gives you options for many different sports and exercises including those that use boxing as a fitness regime. You’ll get coaching in real-time, allowing you to learn different combinations and how to execute them. Post workout review your hardest punches, fastest hits, heart rate and receive tips on how to improve.


Everlast and the sports tracking PIQ have teamed up to launch their first wearable dedicated to boxing, PIQ Robot. The sensors are built upon a tennis tracking device allowing you to grasp punch speed, G-force at impact and retraction time. The app will provide you real-time feedback on how to punch harder, faster and more efficiently. Like Moov this is also designed for fitness boxing as opposed to battles inside the ring.


While training, the balance between safety and performance needs to be measured in order to sustain an athlete’s long-term goals. Our Athlete Intelligence Cue Sport Sensor attaches, or inserts into headwear and tracks the count, intensity, and location of each impact to the head. In boxing, head impact metrics reveal many opportunities to improve technique and decrease the risk of serious head injuries. A fighter can use the Cue Sport Sensor to understand when they begin to drop their hands in a fight, drop their guard due to fatigue, or have taken an increased amount of hits to the head and need a rest period.

The sensor pairs with an athlete’s smart device and offers a 3D head heat map that tracks the location and intensity of each impact, along day-to-day performance.

Learn more about our Athlete Intelligence Platform and our Cue Sport Sensor by downloading our Cue Sport Sensor Sales Sheet. Or chat with us directly and let us show you a personalized experience of how our Athlete Intelligence data analytics and wearable technology can help revolutionize EVERY sport and EVERY athlete.


Cue Sports Sensor Sales Sheet

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