N.A.T.A. Teams up with Athlete Intelligence on Head Impact Monitoring CEU Course

The National Athletic Trainers Association Teams up with Athlete Intelligence Head Impact Monitoring and Performance Tracking Platform to Offer CEU Credit

The National Athletic Trainers Association announced earlier it will be hosting a live webinar in conjunction with Athlete Intelligence about how teams can use head impact data to improve athlete safety and performance.

The live webinar is scheduled for Wednesday August 12th at 11:00 am CDT.  Click the following link to learn more:  https://www.nata.org/webinars/winning-data-improving-student-athlete-safety-and-performance-through-head-impact

The webinar will be available to both N.A.T.A. members for $15.00 and non-N.A.T.A. members for $25.00.  Once the webinar is completed and the test is passed, attendees will receive a CEU.

“Head-Impact Monitoring is a relativity newer technology being embraced by all levels of play for contact sports as a way to measure and manage unnecessary head contact exposure,” says Andrew Golden, Director of Business Operations for Athlete Intelligence. “Partnering with the National Athletic Trainers Association’s educational platform shows their continued dedication and innovative approach towards creating safer environments for student-athletes.” Golden adds.

Since 2016, Athlete Intelligence has been a platform of choice for many youth, high school, and NCAA football, lacrosse, hockey, and women’s soccer teams.  Teams who embrace the Athlete Intelligence head-impact monitoring platform continue to see a decline in head-contact exposure.  More importantly, Coaching staff’s have begun to adopt the automated reporting as a way to identify technique adjustments and athletes who are not using proper technique.

“The ability to collect data that informs the Coaches on what to teach and reteach to the team or individuals is exceptional.  The ability to collect data during practice and use the information to plan practices that limit head impacts for all position groups is a huge factor for player safety.” says Bryan Streleski, District Athletic Director of Bethel School District.

Athlete Intelligence offers a full offering of product options dependent on sport of interest and features or functions.

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