Redmond High School Football Adds Helmet Sensors to Keep Players Safe

Mustangs Head Football Coach Lance Delay Selects the CUE+ Helmet Sensor by Athlete Intelligence to Monitor Head Impact Workloads and Improve Player Technique

The Redmond High School Football Team (WA) has signed a 3-year agreement with Athlete Intelligence.  The Mustang football program led by Head Coach Lance Delay made the decision following an increase in concussions from the 2021 season.  This will be the first year that Redmond High School’s Football program will use the CUE+ sensor for game and practice sessions.  The decision was made so the Redmond Football Coaching and Athletic Training Staff can monitor player technique, impact workloads, and hard hits in real-time. Head Impact Trends

Coach DeLay first learned of Athlete Intelligence at a local Glazier Football Clinic.  Watching a live demo of a helmet getting impacted which then instantly generated a mobile notification quickly caught his attention.  Reviewing the reporting capabilities is what ultimately sold him.

“We had an elevated level of concussions on our team and I wanted to figure out a way to keep those athletes on the field and not standing on the sidelines,” said Coach Delay.  “Focusing on the location patterns for athletes will be key to identifying where technique adjustments must be made so we eliminate unnecessary contact, ” DeLay added.

The CUE+ helmet sensor is the newest head impact monitoring product released by Athlete Intelligence.  Football teams across the United States are quickly moving to the CUE+ system because of its system automation and real-time alert capabilities.  The CUE+ System has also been described as the easiest head impact monitoring system to use.  The CUE+ helmet sensor tracks the total head impact workload for each session, along with where each head impact takes place on the head and how hard it is.  Football staff members will be notified instantly when a head impact occurs at or above a pre-set G-Force threshold when used in live mode.  Following a session, Staff Members can review the Athlete Intelligence Web Dashboard or receive automated e-mail reports that provide a summarized overview of impact workloads by each player.  Impact time-stamps are also recorded so teams can pair the reports with their practice or game film.

Impact Sensor and HelmetRedmond High School’s Head Coach has also expressed how the level of feedback has been overwhelming throughout the approval process of implementing the technology.  “Everyone including the parents and staff understands the importance of proper tackling and every parent wants to see their child competing versus being injured; this technology will play a big role,” said Coach DeLay.

“I don’t know why everyone doesn’t want the best for their student-athletes. If this technology helps one player tackle better and avoid injury, then we can call it a success,” DeLay added.

Athlete Intelligence has quickly become the head impact monitoring system of choice by youth, high school, and college-level football teams.  Teams who use the Athlete Intelligence system gain the most value by identifying players with a high crown of head impact counts and high head impact workloads.  This is an identifier to players who are most likely taking unnecessary head impacts.  When these trends are identified, Coaches can work closely with those players to improve their technique to the proper form of removing the head from further contact.  Teams that use the Athlete Intelligence head impact monitoring system have reduced impact workloads by more than 29%.

Redmond High School is part of the Lake Washington School District.  The District plans to expand the technology across all football teams.

About Athlete Intelligence

Athlete Intelligence is a head impact monitoring and sensor technology subscription service for sports teams.  We combine wearable technology with simplified data analytics to provide summarized reports that highlight player performance and safety improvement opportunities.  Athlete Intelligence offers head impact monitoring and sensor technology services to youth, high school, and college-level programs. For more information on Athlete Intelligence, please visit:  www.AthleteIntelligence.com

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