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(Founder Matt and co-founder Ryan exercising hockey health at revamp athletics; keeping athletes healthy, one stride at a time.  Stay healthy as you gear up for the hockey season.)

We are excited to feature a guest post from Ryan Erlandson from the non-profit organization Revamp Athletics. Please join us in supporting an organization that is for athletes by athletes, that promotes the betterment of sports and athleticism. They are available to help athletes, leagues, athletic-departments, coaches, parents, fans, and managers articulate situations and build awareness around athlete injuries, prevention and support.


We need to keep athletes healthy for various reasons as athletes and athleticism are an important part of our society and individual-communities alike. Athletes need to be healthy and informed no matter what so they can effectively become more athletic or take a different path in life with the positive aspects of athletics in their back pocket. We think a contributing factor towards this dynamic coincides with certain measurements: not only with respect to individual injuries, but the long-term consequences of such injuries as well.

With medical and technological advancements, we are hoping to see medical professionals accurately diagnose concussion, post-concussion-syndrome, CTE and other serious injuries and ailments with relatively simple tests and scans. It sounds like we are getting close to accurately diagnosing some of these things while athletes are still alive-and-well, but time will help us simplify and objectify things even more, with more accurate diagnoses and so forth. Regardless, it is great to see how far we have come when it comes to recognizing serious injuries and supporting people with serious injuries.

Revamp Athletics encourages athletes (and everyone involved with their athleticism) to measure athletic injuries to effectively manage such injuries both on and off the field. Remember that injuries and the associated complexities often stretch well beyond the gridiron, where focus needs to be made on managing injuries intelligently while considering lifelong consequences. If even one athlete gets seriously injured, their friends and family may be negatively impacted without the appropriate support.

Thankfully, the main inspiring force at Revamp Athletics just happens to be our founder Matt Scherber who may be strengthened even more by a positive mindset throughout all athletic endeavors. As our founder, Matt’s strength is literally the foundation of our small but growing organization and has first-hand experience with brain injuries. We know that even serious injuries can often be invisible to the untrained eye, and we recognize the fact that making the athletic community a better place can benefit everyone as it allows athletes to reach their full potential in all aspects of life.

Our advice: Maintain a positive mindset to prevent injuries across all athletic endeavors. Measure your injuries and manage them intelligently. In other words, Keep Your Brian in the Game on and off the field, both in sport and in life.

“Remember that this is the game of life in the long run, so please
advocate for athlete safety for the betterment of everyone.”


At Athlete Intelligence, we provide coaches, parents and athletes access to data surrounding every player, every play. We use sensor technology to collect head impact data then translate that information with our Athlete Intelligence platform to provide Coachable Moments that lead to safer techniques and smarter monitoring.

  • Use the information to reveal improper player technique that could be increasing a player’s injury risk
  • Develop a baseline for your team and identify those performing outside the norm
  • Get notified in real-time when a hit has exceeded a customized threshold and review the athlete for possible concussion symptoms
  • Monitor how many subconcussive hits players are experiencing and set a limit to allow athletes to recover

To learn more about our system please DOWNLOAD our Info Booklet below or CONTACT US today to learn how our technology can be an affordable and important addition to your team.


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