University of Tokyo Selects Athlete Intelligence as Head Impact Sensor Technology Partner

The Athlete Intelligence VECTOR MouthGuard is selected as the Sensor of Choice for Tokyo Football Head Kinematics Study

Athlete Intelligence, and their premium head impact monitoring sensor technology, the VECTOR MouthGuard, was recently selected as the sensor of choice for a study in conjunction with the University of Tokyo football team.

The purpose of the research study is to measure head kinematic data during football games and practice sessions.  The goal is to use the data collected to better understand what causes head injuries and to establish a prevention method.

“We selected the VECTOR MouthGuard because of the technology in the mouthguard and our ability to gather the impact waveform outputs we need,” said Takahiro Einaga, a graduate student tasked with leading the project.

The VECTOR MouthGuard uses accelerometers and gyroscopes to collect highly-accurate head acceleration data.  Using an exclusive Vistamaxx material sourced through Exxonmobil, the mouthguard provides a custom boil and bite fit with extreme comfort.  The VECTOR isVECTOR MouthGuard player the only real-time and live-impact transmitting mouthguard available using technology more advanced than standard Bluetooth, like what is found in other head impact sensing mouth guards.  Using a sideline receiver, the VECTOR MouthGuard can transmit impacts instantly up to 300 yards.  As a research data collection device, the VECTOR MouthGuard and Athlete Intelligence Analytics system provides peak-data outputs and impact waveform files critical for the research community to better understand what the brain experiences through a collision.

“We’re thrilled to extend our research partner portfolio and to be selected as the sensor of choice by industry-leading researchers in Tokyo,” says Andrew Golden, Director of Business Operations at Athlete Intelligence. “We hope our continued relationships to the research community helps advance concussion and athlete care,” Golden adds.

This is the second university in Japan to select Athlete Intelligence as a research partner.  In the United States, Athlete Intelligence has been selected by Universities like Virginia Tech, Indiana, Utah, and major institutions like the CDC.

About Athlete Intelligence

Athlete Intelligence is a head impact monitoring and sensor technology subscription service for sports teams.  We combine wearable technology with simplified data analytics to uncover key training opportunities to improve a player’s performance and head safety.

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