Most Common Upper Body Injuries In Ice Hockey (Infographic)

Ice hockey, like most contact sports, is a fast-paced physical sport that creates situations where injury is possible. Being aware of the risk of injuries is important to the success of the team and the athlete.

ProStock Hockey developed an infographic on most common upper body injuries and how to prevent and treat those injuries. They include injuries like, dental, shoulder, abdominal, wrist and, of course, head injuries.

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Upper Body Injuries by Pro Stock Hockey, an online source for pro stock hockey equipment

Improper technique, athlete fatigue and increased intensity of play, all contribute to an increased risk of upper body injuries. At Athlete Intelligence, we believe that collecting the data points on every athlete is an important factor in decreasing those risks.

Using wearable sensors to measure impact and performance metrics of every athlete, our Athlete Intelligence platform translates your teams data into Coachable Moments that can help correct risky situations.

The platform can reveal when a player takes an improper impact to the crown of the head, harder than normal hits, and overall hit counts. The value of this becomes advantageous as a way to manage athlete exposure and use the impact history to avoid situations that can contribute to head, dental, or shoulder injuries.

To learn more on how Athlete Intelligence can benefit your hockey team, click here or contact us today.

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