Athlete Intelligence is proud to partner with Youth Football leagues and clubs across the United States as the preferred Head Impact Monitoring and Sensor Technology partner. Together we will provide a combined effort to create a fundamental, high performing environment for all participants by maximizing performance and reducing head injury risk.

Partner with Athlete Intlelligence to set the new standard of head safety and to unlock exclusive organization discounts and club packages.

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Use the location of each head-impact to identify athletes who need adjustments to technique. Ensure athletes are tackling and blocking with head-up and out of contact.


Automated reporting helps teams identify impact trends and outliers by position or athletes. Use the data to reduce unnecessary head-impacts.


Less head contact means better technique which means lowering the risk of head-related injuries. Measure and manage impact exposure for every athlete on every play.

Randolph Youth Football League,

Lance Laing, Board Member

“The number of crown impacts was shocking, especially with the front linemen.  We immediately changed the way we practiced and spent even more time working with the kids on proper technique.  Athlete Intelligence shows us who to watch so we can coach things we would have never seen.  Athlete Intelligence gives us the data we need to make better decisions.”


Hear from industry leaders and Athlete Intelligence customers on why you should explore Athlete Intelligence to enahce current protocol and establish head safety fundamentals.

A Few of Our Trusted Teams

Used by over 120 teams and 6,000+ athletes, we help make teams better. By automating impact data with actionable reporting, we empower Teams to make data driven decisions to improve athlete performance and safety.

Woodinville Junior Football Association,

Buddy Philips, League President

“With the help of Athlete Intelligence, we can objectively identify which athletes are practicing with improper technique, those who are taking the most unnecessary head impacts, and the athletes taking the hardest hits as they occur. The part I love most is being able to tell our parents that we are doing everything we can to monitor their child on the field.”

Reports Right To Your Inbox

Athlete Intelligence focuses on providing actionable and digestible data that creates Coachable Moments. With the Athlete Intelligence head impact monitoring and performance tracking solution, teams have access to:
  • Track Head Impact Exposure

  • Identify Technique Adjustments

  • Find Top 5 Training Opportunities

  • View Positional Performance Outliers

  • Compare Positional Impact Trends and Outliers

  • Pair Time-Stamped Impacts with Video

  • Receive Automated Reports to your Inbox

  • Make Data Driven Decisions

  • Create more Coachable Moments™

  • Easily Visualize Impact Paterns

  • Track Improvements Over Time

Impact Event Report

Athlete Intelligence Value Props

Spanaway Lake High School,

John Robak, Head Football Coach

“Working with Athlete Intelligence allowed us to show our players the importance of keeping their head up and out of contact.  When they have a visual of where contact with their helmet happens, it gives our staff another tool to stress safety on the field”




The CUE Sport Sensor™ uses a small clip to affix to the inside of a football helmet.  During a game or practice session, the CUE Sport Sensor will collect and store every head impact, where the impact took place, as well as the severity of the impact.  Once the impact data is downloaded, reports are summarized and sent outlining key training opportunities critical to the performance and safety of each player.

See How it Works

“It’s like an extra set of eyes on the field that can give us real-time information about what’s going on. We can identify high-risk drills, or different sections of practice that might be harder on our guys as far as taking hits to the head. We can give an athlete real data that shows one impact where he used his head to tackle, and another where he used proper technique. That’s opposed to just telling them and taking our word for it. Now we can say, ‘look at the data’.”

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“Athlete Intelligence allowed us to see the hits that would normally go unseen so we could use the data gained from the sensors to help change the way our athletes engaged in contact.”


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