7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Lacrosse

Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States in terms of popularity, for both kids and adults. Interested in finding out what all the buzz is about? Here’s 7 reasons why lacrosse could just be the new sport for you!

7. Combines Elements Of The Other Sports You Love

Lacrosse has been described as containing elements from other sports such as hockey, soccer, and basketball. Like hockey, lacrosse is played with sticks, and both sports, as well as soccer, are performed on fields where the goal is to place an object in the other team’s net. And like basketball, lacrosse requires players to not only put the ball into the net, but to be quick on their feet and be able to perform similar moves.

6. It’s All About Teamwork

A game that depends a great deal on team dynamics, in lacrosse everybody is working together for a common cause. As team members depend on each other during this fast-paced game, camaraderie is built between players that continues both on and off the field. The idea of the “spirit of the stick” is a very important part of the sport’s rich history, which goes all the way back to the indigenous peoples of the continent of North America.

5. Size Is Not As Important As Speed

If you feel you are not brawny enough to thrive in a game like football, lacrosse might be a welcome alternative that makes use of your other athletic talents. The key in lacrosse is speed, as players run up and down the field to carry, catch, pass, and shoot the ball. Qualities like agility and coordination are also prized, the game filled with precise passes and dodges as well as sudden stops and starts.

4. It Has An Interesting Origin

First played by the Cherokee, Iroquois, and Onondaga nations, the sport has been around since the 1500’s—making it the oldest sport in North America. One of the earliest reasons Native American lacrosse was played was to settle disputes and prevent war between nations. There is even an ancient legend about the origin of the lacrosse, in which the game was created to give all the animals in the forest an even shot while playing an activity together.

3. It’s Great For Your Health

Lacrosse participation can provide a lot of health benefits for players, the constant running up and down the field promoting strength-building and an aerobic workout. Lots of calories are burned in the process, the vigorous physical activity using up energy storage from within the body. But lacrosse also provides a mental health benefit as well, producing natural endorphins in the brain as well as encouraging social interaction.

2. It’s Getting More And More Popular

While statistically participation in traditional youth sports has declined, participation in lacrosse has actually grown exponentially in the last ten years. The sport is also seeing a rise in popularity among all categories, with the NCAA reporting a 24% increase in the number of new men’s lacrosse programs and a whopping 65% increase in new women’s lacrosse programs over the last two decades.

1. It’s Fun

The best reason to choose lacrosse as your new sport is because it’s simply fun to play. Combining team work, great aerobic physical activity, and an interesting backstory, participating in this increasingly popular activity is a great way to spice up your athletic goals!


Lacrosse is the fastest-growing high school sport in the nation. As its popularity has increased, so has its injury list. Every year, lacrosse players of all ages are susceptible to head-related injuries and more importantly, concussions, during games and practices. An estimated 1 in every 10 injuries sustained during lacrosse games and practices are classified as a concussion. It’s reported 80% of head-related injuries go undiagnosed, unidentified, and unseen.

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